Bauer RG 21 T Pile Driver


6 Crank St, Sunshine Beach is a two-storey residential development located near Noosa Heads in the Sunshine Coast on a highly sloping site.

AUSIPILE was involved in the Design & Construction of the shoring system to retain excavations of up to 6.5m, as well as Earthworks to provide a flat platform. A significant amount of valuable engineering expertise was used to design and install 73 no. of internally braced 480mm diameter contiguous piles at 510mm centres, in which 29 no. of piles were initially installed on the sloping site to provide a flat platform. Steel bracing was also designed and installed to internally prop the excavation.





8 Storey Residential Building.

Design and construction of a braced 610mm diameter Cased CFA Secant Pile wall for 2 level basement, and mix of 880mm Cased Bored Piles and 620mm Cased CFA Piles as foundation piles to support building loads and tower crane base. Shoring piles installed from stepped working platform down to groundwater cut off levels, while foundation piles extended down to socket into competent underlying strata.

Design and installation of temporary corner bracing struts to provide support to the shoring wall.

10-16 Norton St, Upper Mount Gravatt

Vision on Norton is an 8-storey residential development comprising of 52 luxurious apartments, conveniently located near Upper Mount Gravatt Shopping Valley, Westfield Garden City and less than a 15-minute drive to Brisbane’s CBD.

AUSIPILE was involved in the Design & Construction of the two-level car parking basement including 57 no. of CFA foundation piles up to 17m length, 51 no. of soldier piles up to 12m length for the basement excavation and 8 no. of foundation piles to support the tower crane loads during construction.


To replace existing stormwater culverts, Gold Coast City Council proposed a new culvert and diversion drain channel which involved excavations of up to 4m depth.

AUSIPILE was involved in the Design & Construction of 60 lineal metres of sheet piling including temporary internal steel bracing to support the excavation and any anticipated groundwater. The sheet piles were driven in dense and indurated sand.


In 2016, Gold Coast City Council proposed a Sewerage Network Upgrade in the Merrimac West Region with the aim of upgrading the sewerage collection network to cater for future growth and replace ageing infrastructure. The upgrade consisted deep excavation and trenching over a wide area of the Merrimac West Region.

AUSIPILE was involved in the installation of 14 no. of 600mm diameter CFA foundation piles for the proposed W58 Pump Station at Nerang.


Black Fold is a 6-storey residential development with two-level basement car parking conveniently located in the heart of West End in close proximity to Brisbane CBD, Southbank and Fortitude Valley.

AUSIPILE was involved in the Design & Construction of 34 no. of 750mm diameter CFA piles for the basement excavation using our rotary drilling RG 21T.

10 Buchanan Street, West End – CFA Secant Wall, Foundation Piles and Construction Dewatering

Mixed-use development involving a 7 Storey building. Ausipile supplied engineering design and installation of the retaining walls for the 3-level basement & foundation piles for a piled raft to support the high-rise building. Piling was in deep alluvial soils with a high groundwater level.

Basement construction included internally propped 610mm diameter cased CFA secant pile wall, followed by 84 no. 600mm diameter foundation piles, up to 23m long. Construction dewatering included 3 no. sectional cased deep wells of 20m length each.

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[info]The Bauer RG 21T rig has an operating weight of approx. 71 t.[/info] It is ideally suited for:

  • Drilling cased boreholes ( installation of casing by rotary drive or optionally by hydraulic oscillator – both are powered by the drilling rig )
  • Drilling uncased deep boreholes that are stabilised by drilling fluid
  • Drilling boreholes with long hollow stem augers (CFA system), with or without kelly extensions
  • Special drilling systems, such as FOW piles, double rotary head drilling (“cased CFA system”), displacement piles, soil mixing system (CSM and SMW)

Drilling processes with standard equipment

  • Sheet piling up to 19m
CFA drilling (pre-equipped with hydraulic and electric installations) up to 18m
  • Double rotary head drilling up to 16m

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