Shotcrete Walls ( or Spraycrete )

Shotcrete is a mortar or concrete that is pneumatically projected or sprayed by a nozzle with high velocity on the prepared surface. The whole system is also known as spraycrete.

Spraying shotcrete walls.

Types of Shotcrete Walls

There are basically two types of shotcreting processes

  • Dry-mix process and
  • Wet-mix process.


Shotcrete is very useful and has great advantages over conventional concrete in a new variety of construction and repair works.

  • Excellent bonding in nature makes the concrete layers very strong.
  • It is more economical than conventional concrete and requires less formwork.
  • The Concrete can be applied by a nozzle from a safe distance.


  • The production cost is very high.
  • Dusting problems.
  • So many wastages of concrete.


  • Thin overhead vertical or horizontal surfaces.
  • Curved or folded sections like tunnels, canals, reservoirs, or swimming pools, and pre-stressed tanks.
  • Stabilized rock slopes.
  • Restoration and repairing of old building and fire-damaged structure.
  • Waterproofing walls etc.

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