Forest Flood Enhancement Works


Extension of the existing multi-storey Youth Hostel building.

Design and construction of 420mm and 319mm diameter perimeter Cased CFA Secant Pile wall to allow for excavation of a single level basement below ground water table. Limited working area, and pile tolerances to property boundaries and existing structures were critical in the project.

Additionally, 450mm diameter CFA Foundation piles were designed and installed to socket  into rock below water table.

Supply and installation of dewatering services for the required duration through the basement construction in accordance with Byron Bay City Council stringent standards.


Koondrook Perricoota – Located Murray River Floodplain Upstream From Barham NSW

Engineering structure and channels to divert flows from Murray River through the forest, in order to mimic natural flooding events.

AUSIPILE was the contractor involved in the installation of permanent cantilevered sheet piling for the construction of the flood gates.

Assessment Package

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