Secant Pile Walls

[info]The premium piled wall solution for retention structures. Secant pile walls require a specific technique and quality control to ensure the correct secant interlock for water retention and positional tolerances at depth.[/info]

Secant pile walls installed by Ausipile.

Ausipile will make sure our design meets the requirements of your project, and deliver the best results given budget and time frames.

We can do up maximum of 827mm diameter and depth of 30 meters.

The main advantages of Secant Pile Walls are:

  • Increased construction alignment flexibility.
  • Increased wall stiffness compared to sheet piles.
  • Can be installed in difficult ground (cobbles/boulders).
  • Less noisy construction.
  • The main disadvantages of secant pile walls are:
  • Verticality tolerances may be hard to achieve for deep piles.
  • Total waterproofing is very difficult to obtain in joints.
  • Increased cost compared to sheet pile walls.

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