Sheet Pile Walls

[info]Ausipile will design a system that meets your requirements we can do up to 36 meters length of sheet pile walls in various grades of steel or polymer, depending on the application and use.[/info]

Building site showing sheet piling.

Providing stock or lead times allow, this is one of the easiest and quickest shoring systems available. The quality of sheet pile chosen is paramount to the quality and expectation of shoring requirement.

Advantages of Steel Sheet Pile Walls

The advantages of steel sheet piling construction are as follows.

  • Steel sheeting provides resistance during installation stresses. The sheets must be driven into the ground and they have high resistance to the force of being driven down.
  • It is extremely light weight and makes it easier to lift and handle.
  • Steel sheeting is reusable and recyclable.
  • There is a long life for it both above and under water. It only requires light protection to keep it maintained.
  • The pile length is easily adaptable and can be welded or bolted to make it work.
  • They have stronger joints that can withstand the force of being driven into place.

Disadvantages of Steel Sheet Pile Walls

The main disadvantages of steel sheet pile construction are listed below.

  • The sections are rarely able to be used as part of a permanent structure. Permanent sheet piles will stay in the ground and act as a long-lasting retaining structure. Most are used as temporary structures and are used to provide safe access roads or paths for construction projects. They are removed once the project is completed.
  • It is extremely difficult to install steel sheeting in soil that is rocky or has large boulders. Many times the sheeting cannot be installed to the required depth.
  • Driving the sheets may cause neighbourhood disturbance. The vibrations from driving the sheets can make the close properties settle and cause problems.
Sheet pile walls - installation of piles.

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