Woltman 90DR

[info]The Woltman 90DR rotary drilling rig has an operating weight of approx. 102 t.[/info]

It is ideally suited for:

  • Drilling cased boreholes ( installation of casing by rotary drive or optionally by hydraulic oscillator – both are powered by the drilling rig )
  • Drilling uncased deep boreholes that are stabilised by drilling fluid
  • Drilling boreholes with long hollow stem augers (CFA system), with or without kelly extensions
  • Special drilling systems, such as FOW piles, double rotary head drilling (“cased CFA system”), displacement piles, soil mixing system (CSM and SMW)

Drilling processes with standard equipment

  • Sheet piling up to 36m
  • CFA drilling (pre-equipped with hydraulic and electric installations) up to 34m
FDP Full-Displacement-Piling (pre-equipped with hydraulic and electric installations) up to 45 m
  • Double rotary head drilling up to 30m

Assessment Package

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